Message from our Representative Directors

代表取締役会長 南場智子 Tomoko Namba

At DeNA we have grown our business from an e-commerce service into community site operations and mobile gaming, and now operate not only online services, but also initiatives in a variety of areas including sports, automotive, and healthcare. With all of these initiatives, the aim is to provide new delight to the world.

We think of DeNA as an “eternal venture,” reflecting our commitment to continually challenge ourselves to provide new value, evolving everyday. We deeply recognize the importance of maintaining the highest levels of social responsibility since our constant evolution is only possible thanks to the continued support of society at large.

When we founded DeNA in 1999, the world was full of excitement and anticipation about the massive transformation the internet would bring. We are now at the dawn of a new era, call it the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Society 5.0, and I feel a remarkable similarity between then and now. We do not intend to simply respond to the coming changes, instead, DeNA will be a driver and shaper of the changes to come. It is this aspiration that continues to energize us as we move forward.

代表取締役社長兼CEO 守安功 Isao Moriyasu

DeNA has evolved dramatically under our mission to Delight and Impact the World.

Since 2012, when we defined our current mission, we have continuously strengthened our core Game business, while successfully expanding our Sports business and pursuing new opportunities in the Healthcare and Automotive spaces. In each business, we are continuing to create new value in partnership with key players in each respective industry.

Going forward, the world will face ever-accelerating transformation as a result of the continued dramatic evolution of AI technology. What delight means is constantly changing, and DeNA must ensure our businesses and services are ready to meet those changes. We are venturing into initiatives to expand our capabilities in AI and starting to introduce AI technology to various businesses.