DeNA and gloops Form Comprehensive Business Alliance for International Expansion

Sep 20th 2012

Companies Plan to Bring 10 Titles to Mobage’s Regional Networks

TOKYO, JAPAN - September 20, 2012 - DeNA Co., Ltd. (TSE: 2432) and gloops, Inc. today announced that they have agreed to enter into a comprehensive business alliance through their local subsidiaries to bring a range of mobile social games to smartphone users across multiple countries through DeNA Group's Mobage™ social games platform.

Under the agreement, gloops plans to provide five titles in 2012 and another five in 2013 to the Mobage network mainly targeted for North America and Europe, including one game based on a popular American franchise. The company also plans to launch one title on Mobage's networks in China and South Korea. DeNA will provide user acquisition support to gloops as well as its expertise in bringing social games to international markets.

The companies have both been sharing their knowledge in developing and operating social games since November 2011, when DeNA and gloops originally partnered to focus on Mobage's Japanese network. In April 2012, DeNA presented gloops with the 2011 Mobage Award for Partner of the Year, recognizing the developer's success with a number of hit titles provided to Japanese players through Mobage.

"gloops has a proven track record of making truly captivating social games in Japan," said Isao Moriyasu, CEO of DeNA. "Now that we are starting to see multiple titles from Japanese developers on the top-grossing charts in several countries, we are truly excited to team up with gloops to bring their titles to smartphone gamers worldwide through our Mobage platform."

"Our comprehensive alliance with DeNA will allow us to leverage our social games expertise together at the international level," said Shinsuke Kawakata, President of gloops. "We look forward to extending our long-standing relationship and take the next step in expanding gloops internationally."