AI Business

DeNA develops and operates a broad range of services including in its games, e-commerce, entertainment content distribution, sports, healthcare, and automotive businesses. As internet technology is becoming increasingly commoditized, DeNA now focuses on AI technology, and Deep Learning in particular, as the next pillar that will support DeNA's future growth.


DeNA's AI R&D engineers do not simply pursue academic research. Rather, they work with business side teams to create services together. DeNA applies AI technology to its live services, making for a live R&D environment. This makes DeNA's AI unique, since most AI technology development occurs in an academic environment.


Coopel is a Cloud Robotic Process Automation service that helps to improve the efficiency of tasks performed on PCs and other devices, leading to higher work efficiency and a transformation in how people work. Users can also automate tasks across multiple applications, making the tool effective in a variety of processes, not just specific tasks like payment or personnel procedures. This service also makes use of DeNA’s B to C service development knowhow, and boasts an intuitive design that allows even users without specialized knowledge to use it easily.

Mobile Games

Building on its extensive knowledge of developing, operating and marketing mobile games since 2006, DeNA currently offers a wide variety of free-to-play mobile apps and browser games. Currently, DeNA offers games both developed and operated internally and in cooperation with development partners.


DeNA's original Mobage entertainment platform in Japan hosts a wide-ranging catalog of over a thousand free-to-play mobile games, novels, and other content provided to millions of users. Users, who typically range in their 20s to 30s, can access the games and use Mobage's social networking features, news, and other convenient tools on their smartphone or other mobile device.

Yahoo! Mobage

Yahoo! Mobage offers social games for PC browsers, and is directly accessible from Yahoo! Japan's popular Web portal. It allows users to access their Mobage (Japan) accounts and content from PC browsers using their Yahoo! Japan ID.


AndApp is a platform that allows users to play mobile game apps on PC browsers under the same user account, syncing data across devices and allowing users a fun play experience without worrying about mobile data usage.


Anyca is a mobile app for peer-to-peer car sharing, operated by DeNA SOMPO Mobility, a joint venture between DeNA and SOMPO Holdings, Inc.. Anyca matches car owners looking to share their cars when not using them, with drivers who wish to drive a car for a period of time.


SOMPO DE NORU, operated by DeNA SOMPO Carlife Co., Ltd., is a car leasing service that includes the cost for vehicle inspection and insurance among other services in one simple monthly price, while also providing the safety and security of the SOMPO brand.

Easy Ride

Jointly developed by Nissan Motor Co. and DeNA, Easy Ride is a new robo-vehicle mobility service. With "more freedom of mobility" as its concept, Easy Ride is envisioned as a service for anyone who wants to travel freely to their destination of choice in a robo-vehicle.


This taxi dispatch app is provided by Mobility Technologies, with Nihon Kotsu Holdings Co., Ltd. and DeNA as the joint largest shareholders. The app was based on MOV, and taxis linked with the JapanTaxi app are also available for dispatch requests.


DRIVE CHART is an accident reduction support service provided by Mobility Technologies, which has Nihon Kotsu Holdings Co., Ltd. and DeNA as the joint largest shareholders. Based on footage from dedicated onboard devices that capture the interior and exterior of the vehicle, the service uses AI (image recognition technology) to make dangerous driving behaviors visible, and this can be expected to contribute to reducing traffic accidents.


DeNA provides a variety of healthcare services utilizing the internet, with the aim to lengthen healthy lifespans. DeNA also engages in R&D in partnership with various research institutions with the goal of creating new value, and contributing to solving social issues.


The direct-to-consumer genetic testing service MYCODE is provided by DeNA's subsidiary DeNA Life Science in Japan. Users only need to mail their saliva samples to DLS's own lab to view their genetic predispositions (up to 280 parameters) and personalized health tips.


kencom, operated by DeNA and Sumitomo Corp.'s joint venture DeSC Healthcare, supports health insurance societies in Japan by centrally managing their members' health data and providing recommendations tailored to each user, while offering fun opportunities for improving their health.


SHOWROOM is a virtual stage where fans can watch their favorite artists perform live while interacting with them in real time. Fans can post comments and throw virtual gifts onto the stage and get the performers' immediate feedback.


Pococha is a social live streaming community where anyone can easily tune in or broadcast their own live stream. Performers can use the smartphone app to easily start their own live show, and listeners enjoy interacting with performers by posting comments and throwing virtual gifts.


Operated by DeNA and NTT DOCOMO's joint venture, Everystar is Japan's leading mobile website for user-generated novels. Some novels posted on Everystar have been adapted to printed books and movies.

Manga Box

Manga Box is a weekly manga magazine app that allows users to read professional artists' manga series on smartphones and tablets for free. Titles available on Manga Box include original manga series created by popular artists, spin-offs of existing popular series and classics. Many titles are published in Japanese, English and Traditional Chinese.


Focused on fashion items, but still offering a broad product lineup from premium merchandise to hobby gear, Mobaoku allows users to manage their auction items and bids from their mobile phones at any time, anywhere.

Yokohama DeNA Baystars

DeNA was approvied to join the professional baseball league in Japan in December 2011. The Yokohama DeNA Baystars aim to provide excitement, joy, and superior entertainment to fans, and contribute to the development of Japanese professional baseball and sports culture.

Yokohama DeNA Running Club

In April 2013, the Yokohama DeNA Running Club was established as a long distance track and field team. This team not only features top athletes, but also aims to invigorate the long distance track and field space, for example by establishing an academy to train future marathon athletes in 2016.

Kawasaki Brave Thunders

In July 2018, DeNA succeeded to the operations of the Kawasaki Brave Thunders, a renowned basketball team with history stretching back to 1950. DeNA aims to further grow the Sports business through the operations of the Kawasaki Brave Thunders in the B.LEAGUE.

Strategic Investment Office

The Strategic Investment Office pursues strategic investment in a variety of early to middle stage startups with the potential to kick-start innovation in the internet and mobile field. This office also considers M&A opportunities.

Delight Ventures

Delight Ventures is a venture capital fund that aims to lower the barriers for entrepreneurship in Japan and gives its all to supporting the activities of entrepreneurs on the global stage.


Rerep is a credit service that reduces card loan interest burden in accordance with the everyday actions of the users. Users can complete missions on Rerep to grow their credit score, and not be reliant on their status, such as their age or their annual income. The interest burden is reduced through a cash back program based on the credit score.